genre: Metaphysical backstage I 12+
The Umwelt Circus
General admission
1 hour 30 minutes
Without interval
About the production
A poor travelling circus with draughts, old posters on the walls and ever-present sequins on stage outfits is not only the main setting of the production, but also its atmosphere. Both behind the scenes and in the amphitheatre, sooner or later, it becomes clear that the man is protected from the metaphysical wind only by a thin, patched-up circus tent.

This story doesn't have a happy ending, but it's impossible to call it pessimistic. After all, it's about imperfect creatures, wounded both physically and emotionally, who discover their inner strength and find their nature in an incredible way.

To create one of the characters of this mysterious circus, the artist Sergei Korytov and the team of art technologists from Imagineers.workshop used a technologically advanced method which had been previously used only in big-budget filmmaking – 3D printing, 3D scanning, silicone, etc.

The artist Ekaterina Polyakova created Mike the Headless Chicken that transforms into a protobird and breaks free. In reality, during the Great Depression, this chicken was meant to be roasted for dinner. Mike was beheaded, but for some reason he didn't die, so his owner decided to make money off the chicken's "special feature" and started touring with him around the nearby towns. Mike's life on the road lasted two years until the moment his owner forgot to clear his throat and Mike choked to death.
Directed by
Alisa Oleinik

Elisabeth the Great Gymnast – Aleksandra Bayrakovskaya

Anna, Elisabeth's Siamese twin – Sofia Pachkolina, Aleksandra Bayrakovskaya

Old Elisabeth – Semyon Mruz

Jack the Dwarf, Circus Director – Semyon Mruz

Mike the Headless Chicken – Kirill Smirnov

Bird Magician – Kirill Smirnov

Circus Keeper – Sofia Pachkolina

The Bearded Woman – Aleksandra Bayrakovskaya

The Deer – a chandelier

The Pigeon

Art Technologist
Sergey Korytov and The Imagineers Workshop

Puppets, objects
Ekaterina Polyakova

Puppets, costumes
Anis Kronidova

Aerial object
Technical assistance

Islam Aktemirov

Masks, wigs
Anastasia Selivyorstova

Sound Design
Sergei Petrov

Lighting Design
Vasily Kovalyov

Polina Mitryashina

Supported by Saint Petersburg
Committee for Culture.

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