genre: A quasi-philosophical vaudeville\ 18+
General admission
1 hour 50 minutes
Without interval
About the production
Productions based on Brodsky's works often focus on his poems or biography, and few people know that he wrote two theatre plays. Marbles is one of them. It's a very complex play, so the audience will see a mix of genres and techniques: the art of representation, commedia dell'arte, the Theatre of Cruelty, physical theatre, opera, burlesque, dark clownery, verbatim theatre, documentary theatre, psychological theatre, cabaret, circus, object theatre, kabuki theatre, Greek drama...

The meeting point of the main characters, Space and Time, is a metaphysical bath. Changing its colour, temperature and density, the water serves as an indicator of the characters' changing relationship. Together with the characters, it undergoes the transitions between all the states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) before completely disappearing just like them at the end of the show.

The idea to stage this play brought together some outstanding representatives of the Saint Petersburg avant-garde: the director Pavel Semchenko (an artist and director of AKHE Engineering Theatre), the composer Vladimir Volkov (a musician and member of Auktyon band), and the actresses Alisa Oleinik, a winner of the prestigious Golden Mask Award for "Gerda's Room", and Anna Budanova, a graduate of Moscow Art Theatre School who worked with the Satyricon Theatre named after Arkady Raikin, DEREVO Theatre, etc.
Joseph Brodsky

Directed by
Pavel Semchenko

Anna Budanova
Alisa Oleinik

Vladimir Volkov

Art Technologist
Nik Khamov

Costume Designer
Anis Kronidova

Lighting Designer
Ilya Pashnin
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