genre: A lyrical horror tale \ 12+
General admission
1 hour 30 minutes
Without interval
About the production
The production immerses the audience into the world of things and words from "The Snow Queen", the world of enchanting sounds and puppets. The audience sees Gerda just on her own.

Like a mirror, she reflects other characters, and follows these reflections. Gerda is still young in her memory. She doesn't notice the passage of time, and keeps looking for Kai."Gerda's Room" is about searching and fearing. It's about eternity that is always ready to meet us. We put this eternity into a word, and breathe it out on a frozen window so we can finally see something dear to us which we have long lost.

This show is growing the familiar plot out of the walls. The walls are like pages. They are turning the habitual towards something new and shocking. The Theatre of the Absurd and black humour have proved to be more congenial to Andersen that we thought at the beginning of our journey.
based on Hans Christian Andersen's
fairy tale The Snow Queen

Directed by
Yana Tumina

Evgeny Filimonov (the Room)
Kirill Smirnov (the Room)
Alisa Oleinik (Gerda)

Set Designer
Kira Kamalidinova

Art Technologist
Nik Khamov

Costume Designer
Anis Kronidova

Lighting Designer
Vasily Kovalyov
Anatoly Lyapin

Sound Designer
Yury Leikin
  • National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" (2019)
    National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" (2019)

    - Best Actress in Puppet Theatre – Alisa Oleinik
    - Best Director in Puppet Theatre – Yana Tumina

    Nominations: Best Production, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Set Designer

  • The National Festival of Theatre Art for Children "Harlequin"
    - Best Production
    - Special Award "For Outstanding Professionalism" (Dmitry Chupakhin, the Room)
    - Best Female Role (Alisa Oleinik)
    - Best Costume Designer (Anis Kronidova)
    - Best Lighting Designer (Vasily Kovalyov and Anatoly Lyapin)
    - Best Set Designer (Kira Kamalidinova)
  • The International Puppet Theatre Festival "Petrushka the Great"
    - Grand Prix of the International Puppet Theatre Festival "Petrushka the Great"
    - Recognition Award (Alisa Oleinik)
    - Best Actress Award
  • Golden Soffit Award in 2017 and 2018:
    - Best Production
    - Best Director (Yana Tumina)
    - Best Female Role (Alisa Oleinik)
    - Special Prize "For creating a unique set" (Kira Kamalidinova)
  • The Fairytale Kingdom Festival, Sevastopol
    - The journalists' jury special award from the media partners of the festival, Vesti
    - Sevastopol and the culture and education weekly Sevastopolskaya Gazeta
    - Grand Prix: Best Direction, Best Set Design and Best Acting
    - Children's jury prize "Royal Delight"
  • Theatre-Lover Award (Saint Petersburg)
    - Best Production
    - Best Actress
  • The International Festival "Christmas Parade"
    - Best Production
  • Vladas Bagdonas Award (Alisa Oleinik) at Monocle Festival (Saint Petersburg)
  • The International Puppet Festival "Crossroads" (Novosibirsk)
    - Best Female Role
    - Best Sound Design
  • Participant of the World Festival of Puppet Theatres (Le Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes)
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