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genre: An existential drama \ 16+
General admission
1 hour 40 minutes
Without interval
About the production
According to Eugène Ionesco, unlike the laws of maths, the laws of dramaturgy are irrational: onstage, five equals one, one equals infinity. Words drop like tears – they're impossible to hold back. That's how a "statement" – a line of dialogue – is born; the world is the wall around a person. Those who break it will see the universe in all its frightening power. According to Eugène Ionesco, human life is full of imperceptible pain, which is impossible to notice until it's Time.

Time passes the way you understand it. Your time is a period between your birth and death. If your life was wasted, it will remain this way forever. "Think about it today," says the Queen.

The content of the play is fully expressed in its title: the curtain falls – your life ends. Everything happens within 90 minutes. What happens? Some people argue and agree, express their opinion and listen to what others think. Does it really matter now who is right? Does anything really matter? The inevitable is bound to happen. There is no other exit, even if you often won the lottery. Now you are living with death inside you – for 1 hour 10-20 minutes.

A man is born alone and dies alone. This production gives you the opportunity to see how a person surrounded with people finds himself alone with death. He's fighting it, running away from it, accepting it. He's going through the constant inner transformation, and actors, amazingly close to the audience, are trying to take note of every little change.

Sooner or later everyone faces this topic. The production based on Ionesco's play doesn't tell you whether death is absurd. It explores the state of being between life and death when you are no longer here and not yet there. The mind starts working faster, thoughts become entangled and there is still so much to understand, but there is no time left... "Exit the King"...
Eugène Ionesco

Directed by
Aleksei Slyusarchuk

Set Designer
Elena Sokolova

Dmitry Podnozov
Anna Vartanyan
Alisa Oleinik
Katya Ionas
Denis Kirillov

Sound Design
Kamennoe More band

Lighting Designer
Tatyana Yakovleva

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