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Theatre Lusores
Teatr 101
The play by the famous French actress, playwright and prose writer Yasmina Reza "Art" (Art - Art) was the best fit for a conversation about "how men are friends"
dir. Denis Starkov
Opposition of external shackles and internal infinity. An ubiquitous and eternally relevant dichotomy, a clash of extremes: absolutism and pluralism, template and improvisation, freedom and censorship.
dir. Pavel Semchenko
Gerda's Room is about searching and fearing. It's about eternity that is always ready to meet us. We put this eternity into a word, and breathe it out on a frozen window so we can finally see something dear to us which we have long lost.
dir. Yana Tumina
A trialogue performance in the genre of metaphysical solipsism, based on the texts of Milorad Pavic "The Inverted Mitten" and "The Death of St. Sava"
dir. Aleksey Obraztsov
Transfurism RY Nikonova. The actor's trance status, professional methodical shamanism that changes the viewer's consciousness while answering the question "Why Me?" or "What am I for?" in just one hour, like in one minute
dir. Alexander Savchyk
Existential drama by Alex Björklund about the opportunity to break out of the vicious circle of hopelessness, find oneself, hear and see another person and find freedom.
dir. Aleksey Yankovskiy
The conflict between love for God and love for man. On this one, stretched between the divorced hands, a string is played by the sibyl - the priestess, the bride of God and the mistress of man
dir. Aleksey Yankovskiy
One of the excellent examples of the demand for the Theater of the Absurd in Russia, in which a meditative space is created, filled with the incredibly deep philosophical content of Eugene Ionesco.
dir. Aleksey Slysarchyk
The play "LЁD" is in some way a protector of a powerful natural phenomenon called the Human Brain from a series of events and states that are widespread everywhere, and is an analogue of what is called "consciousness" in various circles.
dir. Aleksey Obraztsov
dir. Aleksey Obraztsov
A performance-ritual dedicated to the search for the relationship of a person with freedom, based on associations from reading the texts of the novel by Shane Jones "We Remain to Winter".
What is reality in reality and does everyone have their own? When you think about it for more than three seconds, it gets terribly lonely. Fortunately, we see the world differently, there is always something to speculate about...
dir. Ann Vartanian & Yriy Leikin

Performance-reading-storytelling based on the story of Maria Parr. "Waffle Heart" is the name of a special type of waffles baked by the grandmother Trille, the main character of the story.
dir. Alexander Savchyk
A small festival of different styles of performance and dance, which takes place once a season, which is organized and conducted by the OddDance Theater
реж. Наталья Жестовская